Mentoring and Pro Bono

Mentoring and Coaching for New and Relatively New Attorneys

I believe in mentoring.  Young attorneys today need mentors and coaches for substantive skills, as well as general practice guidance, as they develop their legal careers.

This is true for new and relatively new attorneys no matter where they practice — as a solo practitioner, in a small firm, or in a larger firm.

Related to mentoring, I believe in diversity, inclusion, equality, tolerance, and respect.  Accordingly, I believe that everyone who wants a mentor should have access to one.

Mentoring is not always available, for many reasons.  Yet studies show that mentoring, coaching, and guidance — including by phone, email, and text messaging — helps young professionals, including lawyers, improve their skill sets, their life-work balance, and their executive-functioning skills (efficiency, organization, and prioritization skills) as they learn how to handle the demands of modern legal practice.

I provide mentoring and coaching services, available almost 24/7/365, by phone, email, and text.  Customize and tailor the services to fit your precise needs.  Details are here.

Pro Bono

I also believe in pro bono work.  I have served as a pro bono mediator and, each year while in private practice, I worked on several federal court pro bono cases, including federal class actions to protect civil rights, cases to remedy discrimination, and constitutional law appeals to defend civil rights victories at the trial level.

If my services would help with a pro bono matter of yours that is in federal court, please contact me.


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